DJ Taylor

In 2004 Global Deejays was born.
The brothers DJ Taylor and DJ Flow were on top of the charts worldwide
with their first single “The Sound Of San Francisco”. Since then several other
chart hits like “Flashdance”, “Get Up (feat. Technotronic)” and “Everybody´s Free” followed,
honoured with numerous awards like the MTV, NRJ Award. With their recent releases
“Hardcore Vibes” and “Kids” and after collabourations with big names like Ida Corr and Chris Willis,
Global Deejays are now an essential part in the international DJ & producer szene.


As deejays, DJ Taylor and DJ FLOw have already proven themselves
as serious talent from their numerous dj sets in clubs, both large and small,
all round the world. They never fail to shock the crowds with their fat
house and electro sounds, while working the people up into a frenzy
with their on stage energy! They have more than 10 years experience on
stage, which is the main contributor to their highly successful shows.
Global Deejays have already done shows all over the world….